A Change of Direction

 Four years ago the sentence “There was magic in the castle,” and a vision of a hang-dog middle aged cook came to me. I have a near-complete manuscript and a rough draft of a book proposal now. Four years isn't bad or a fist novel. This is my fourth novel. The first novel was the work of my high-school self. I don't remember any of the character names or what the plot was, but I do know I devoted a great deal of time to working out the main character's packing list, right down to how many bars of soap she had. Riveting I know. The last two I looked at after my first draft and thought “nope” and started something new.

Soap aside, that first novel held the seeds of the novel I'm working on now. That main character stewed in my psyche metamorphosing in the back of my mind from vapid princess to the iron willed, over-worked, order loving Katherine one of the main characters of my new novel. The wild forest I'd envisioned became an island transformed by magical fall out. Those other works I let go of? One contained yet more ideas that grew to maturity in my new novel, the other is the starting spot of a work that is still probably five years from bearing fruit.

In short, I have a long, long process. My current manuscripts' total life span from conception to birth is ten years. Ten of them people, ten. If you divide the 100,000 thousand words of my novel by the ten years I worked on it, that is one year of process for every thousand words. That kind of time frame does not work for a blog. Not even a little. I'd be doing one post per year. Maybe.

So you all (all two of you, hi Mom and Erica) have been sitting through my rough drafts. Not even my rough drafts. My first thoughts. Sorry guys.

I'm just going to have to try a different process. A process that takes less time. In light of that, I'm changing my format to one I enjoy more. I'm going to stop giving so much advice. I was getting on my nerves. I'll focus on what's going on in our lives, and how we're keeping body and soul together while making art. I hope it helps you do the same, or at the very least entertains you and makes you appreciate how much hustle artists have to have. Enjoy.


P.S. There will also be adds and affiliate links. I'll try to make them pretty, but I need to recoup my costs on this blog. Get over it.*


*You probably aren't bothered by the adds, especially since I'm not doing those pop-up ones that play music and make your computer cranky. I'm really telling me to get over it, because adds are so commercial and I'm an artist and want to somehow be able to give my art away for free, not be part of the commercial beast, and get paid. No, it's not really possible, unless we're going to bring back the patron system. (Bill Gates, wanna pay me to write novels?)