We met in college, and my first thought about Kailen was, "he seems really angry, I'd never want to date him."  Kailen's first thought about me was that I wasn't too smart.  Then a year later he came back from a semester in Romania all gaunt and bohemian and much less angry, and I had zero thoughts about him at all until we took the same Shakespeare class.  I impressed him by positing that Desdemona was a christ figure in Othello, and we became friends.  And then, suddenly while talking to my friends about him, I realized I wanted to marry him, and was very very upset.  Especially since it was his last semester of college and I seemed to have forgotten how to flirt.  Added to this I wasn't really sure he liked girls and if he did there seemed to be several of them he might be involved with.

As it turned out he did like girls, he wasn't involved with any, and he liked me.  He just happened to be trying not to like me.  But I overcame this, by telling him we were dating about two weeks before he graduated.  A year and a half later we made the worlds most impractical marriage.  I had majored in literature and wanted to be writer.  He had majored in Theater and wanted to be an actor.  We were both aware that it might have been smarter for one of us to aspire to something that involved a regular income.  Five years later, through four years of grad school, three novels, three states, five apartments, one condo, a dog, a baby, innumerable shows, ten jobs that had nothing to do with our passions, no one has starved yet, and we are currently making all of our income off of our artistic passions in one way or another.